Organic Compost Tea 2 Quart

Organic Compost Tea 2 Quart

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Nature's Solution Compost Tea is a concentrated liquid form of worm castings and compost. Compost tea is a fertilizer that aids in nutrient uptake. For trees, roses, lawns, orchids, annuals, flowers, perennials, vegetables, containers, indoors and outdoors. Apply tea to soil or spray on plants weekly during the growing season. Apply monthly during the growing season. Two quarts will treat 380 square feet (36 square meters) of soil for general use. Use 5 quarts of concentrated tea for every 1,000 square feet of turf or landscaping area (0.02Lb.N/1,000 ft2). Apply monthly during the growing season. Irrigate as needed to spread compost tea over the area to be treated. For hydroponic/greenhouse reservoirs, use 2 quarts of concentrated tea for every 25 gallons of water. 2 quarts makes 2-1/2 gallons for foliar spray or soil drench -- dilution rate is 4:1. Allowed for organic production.

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Item Number: 134748
Universal Product Code: 186144000028
Manufacturer: Nature Technologies International

Additional Documents
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pdf file How Biology Works
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pdf file Compost Tea versus Packaged Biologicals
pdf file Comparing Sources of Biology
pdf file Sources of Beneficial Biology

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