6" Thermostatically Controlled Fan - RSW 6HO - 240 Volt

6" Thermostatically Controlled Fan - RSW 6HO - 240 Volt


The Can Filters Group Inc. has added thermostatically controlled fans in sizes 4 HO and 6 HO, 240 volt 60 hz. The new thermostatic fan is controlled by setting the dial to the desired temperature. The fan has an integrated sensor inside, sensing the temperature of the airflow every 1.5 minutes. When the airflow temperature is warmer than the dial setting, the fan will automatically speed up. If the air flow is cooler then the set point, the fan will automatically slow down.
This Thermostatic fan will maintain air flow at the low speed until higher speed is required.
No remote sensors no problem!

IMPORTANT: The thermostat in the fan measures the air temp passing through the fan not the air around the fan. For it to work correctly, the fan must be used to EXHAUST hot air, not pull in cool air.

Item Number: 134753
Universal Product Code: 840470002131
Manufacturer: CF-Group Inc
Manufacturer's Part Number: 340205
Model Number: RSW 6HO

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