CO2 Green Pad - 12" x 18" Pad - 5 Pack


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When it comes to supplementing your garden w/ CO2, The GREENPAD may be one of the most inexpensive and innovative ways to get the good gas to your plants. CO2 equipment can get expensive and The Green Pads were designed to produce enough CO2 to be of significant benefit to the indoor home garden without the up front expense of equipment but with similar results.

The Green Pad , is a sheet/pad type material that hangs inside your tent or closet and absorbs the rooms humidity(35-50%+) to power its reaction, releasing carbon dioxide. If you add periodic water misting, it will accelerate that activation.

Each full sized Green Pad lasts about 2 weeks, they peak at the end of the first week, and new Green Pad's get rotated in weekly.

To maintain higher PPM's you would want to use 1-2 Green Pads per 250-400 cubic feet of space. Of course adding more The Green Pads will certainly increase your PPM's too. You may add or subtract as many GP's as you need for your specific area.

FOR ALL YOU CURRENT GROWER USING CO2 TANKS: Don't Get Yourself in a Situation Where You've Run Out of CO2!The GreenPad is your back up for those using CO2 tanks that run empty. Keep an extra pack on hand for emergencies or when you can't get out to get a tank refill.

You can open The Green Pads and use them when they need them, in the original package. They will last at least a year. Don't get caught w/ a garden where you've depleted CO2 that your plants have become accustomed to. Drop a few Green Pads in the meantime!


How much humidity does it take to activate the Green Pad?

It takes about 35+ % Humidity to activate and produce a measured release of CO2 Higher humdity or frequent light water misting increases activation.

How many Green Pads do I need for my room?

The Green Pad works best in small to mid size hobby gardens
Use at least 1 -2 pads per 250-500 cubic feet of space
Add more Green Pads to increase CO2 Levels for larger rooms

What level CO2 ppm can I expect using the Green Pad?

Our tests in a room 10' x10' x10' (1000 cubic feet) with 3 Green Pads at 60% humidity and minimal air exchange produced 1000+ ppm
The amount of fresh air exchange plays a major role in the containment of the CO2 and the levels maintained in the room.
To maximize performance misting the pads before closing the room will increase concentrations.

What about the Green Pad Jr. do cuttings need CO2?

Often overlooked and underapreciated, adding CO 2 to your propagation dome promotes faster rooting and healthier starting plants Inexpensive and extremly easy The GP Jr's have become an insiders trick to increase stike rates and move healthy rooted cuttings to veg faster .

How long will the Green Pads last in the package?

Use only the Green Pads you need at a time.
Keep unused pads dry and resealed in the original bag, and they will be effective for up to one year.

Why haven't I heard of the Green Pads before?

This is a new technology that has now been proven effective in multiple tests for the indoor garden industry.

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