Bluelab Soil pH Probe

Bluelab Soil pH Probe

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Soil acidity and alkalinity are common fertility problems that can cause stunted growth and abnormally colored leaves. If you are having trouble determining the reasons for poor growth or plant health, testing the pH of the soil/media is a great place to start.

Low soil pH causes aluminum ands manganese toxicity in plants and reduces the availability of soil phosphorus. High soil pH also reduces soil phosphorus availability and reduces micronutrients such as zinc and boron to plants.

This high quality pH probe is designed specifically for measuring the pH of soils.

This non-refillable soil pH probe is used to measure the pH levels of soil or media of cropping, pasture, containerised plants, home gardens, propagation culture...anywhere that the soils pH requires testing.

The soil probe is supplied with a Dibber' - the green spear pictured above. The 'dibber' is inserted into the media/soil prior to inserting the pH probe to ensure no damage occurs to the probe tip from coarse soil particles, stones etc.

Soil pH can also be measured by taking soil solution samples. The instruction sheet supplied will provide guidance for taking both methods of soil pH measurements.

The Bluelab Soil pH Probe can be attached to the Bluelab pH Meter and Bluelab Combo Meter, or can be purchased as complete as a Bluelab Soil pH Meter.

Main Features

  • fully waterproof
  • quality BNC connection
  • tough polypropylene barrel
  • heavy duty thick wall glass stem
  • non-refillable gel junction
  • dibber / auger supplied
  • total probe length 2 metres

Item Specifications
Item Number: 134805
International Article Number: 9421024920104
Manufacturer: Bluelab

Additional Documents
pdf file Use, care and maintenance
pdf file Data Sheet

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