Natural Forces SucraShield Pint

Natural Forces SucraShield Pint

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SucraShield is a broad spectrum, highly-effective insecticide with fast acting control of target insects. Its newly developed chemistry has no known resistance and is allowed for use in organic farming. Harmless to beneficial insects, SucraShield offers choice control across a remarkably wide range of applications including row crops, ornamentals, greenhouse, and nursery.

Harness the forces of nature. Natural Forces focused on sustainable chemistries to create a powerful, sugar-based insecticide that is compliant with the USDA National Organic Program. Developed in a new high tech, patented process, the active ingredient in SucraShield -Sucrose Octanoate Ester delivers deadly serious pest control in an environmentally friendly formulation. Bring on the power of Natural Forces with SucraShield.

Why is SucraShield Better?

* Spray/Treat your plants or crop and harvest or eat the same day
* Great for infestation control and prevention
* Notice results in minutes!
* Fully sustainable - active ingredient is derived from natural, common sources such as corn, sugar cane, sugar beets or honey
* Does not harm beneficial insects
* Compliant with USDA's National Organic Program
* Deadly to hundreds of harmful insects, including aphids, whiteflies, and mites

SucraShield is used to protect hundreds of plants and crops including:

Vegetables, Herbs, and Spices (Greenhouse & Outdoor)
Fruit and Nut Crops
Ornamental, Landscape, Trees and Shrubs
Field Crops
Bedding Plants
Christmas Trees

WA Department of Ag Certificate

USDA National Organic Program
Controls hundreds of soft bodied insects including:

Adelgids Mites Aphids Plant bugs Caterpillars Psyllids Glass-winged sharp-shooter Soft scale Leafhoppers Thrips Mealy bugs Whiteflies

Item Specifications
Item Number: 134943
Universal Product Code: 892899002018
Manufacturer: Natural Forces, LLC

Additional Documents
pdf file Product Label
pdf file Technical Bulletin
pdf file MSDS Sheet

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