Suncourt 6" Duct Fan, 160 CFM

Suncourt 6" Duct Fan, 160 CFM

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In-line duct fans improve ventilation and temperature control without major system rework or expense. Can be installed at any angle, and engineered for quiet operation. Easy installation for metal or flex duct. The in-line duct fans can be speed controlled using solid-state speed control.

What do I use a Duct Booster Fan for?

  • When you have air delivery problems, Duct Booster Fans are easier to install and are less expensive than major rework of your duct system or purchasing expensive new equipment.
  • Duct Booster Fans can take care of those rooms that are too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter quietly and efficiently by boosting the flow of air to a poorly performing register or to a room that is at the end of a long duct run.
  • Duct Booster Fans can be a valuable accessory to alternative heating sources such as wood stoves, pellet stoves, fireplaces, and other heating devices to help move that warm air through ductwork to other rooms.
  • Duct Booster Fans can be used as an exhaust fan in certain dry indoor environments where toxic fumes or vapors are not present

Item Specifications
Item Number: 134975
Universal Product Code: 066028071064
Manufacturer: Suncourt
Manufacturer's Part Number: DB206
Model Number: DB206

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