Suncourt 8" Duct Muffler

Suncourt 8" Duct Muffler



The DuctMuffler In-Line Noise Muffler reduces noise heard through registers from adjacent rooms or noisy neighbors.

* Available in 6", 8", 10" and 12" diameter
* Does not restrict airflow through duct
* Easy to install
* Maintenance free
* Building Code Compliant, Meets NFPA Standards 90A and 90B
UL Listed, Class I Air Duct


The DuctMuffler may be installed in new or existing ductwork between the source of noise and the register emitting noise. The best location is as close as possible to the source of noise, but not closer than 3 feet. The unit may be positioned so that either end faces toward the furnace. It is recommended that the unit be installed using sheet metal screws and standard metal duct support brackets (not supplied). The DuctMuffler may cause damage or injury should it fall. Finish the installation by sealing the joints with good quality duct tape.

Why do I need a DuctMuffler?
The DuctMuffler will reduce sound traveling through ducts, i.e. loud music from adjacent rooms, snoring, speech and noise generated by the furnace blower.

How do I install a DuctMuffler?
Simply remove a section of air duct from the offending duct run and insert a DuctMuffler. The DuctMuffler is a heavy product and must be properly supported using duct support brackets available at your favorite Home Center.

How effective is a DuctMuffler?
Please note that every 3 dBA in noise level reduction may cut your perception of noise by half. Visit the noise page in this FAQ section.

Does the DuctMuffler affect airflow through my ducts?
No. The open bore of the muffler is the same as the duct in which it is installed. There are no baffles or barriers.

Does it require any maintenance?
No. No maintenance is required.

Does it require electricity?
No, the DuctMuffler is a passive device.

Item Number: 134981
Universal Product Code: 066028001085
Manufacturer: Suncourt
Manufacturer's Part Number: DM108
Model Number: DM108

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