Farm in A Box - Aquaponic Ecosystem

Farm in A Box - Aquaponic Ecosystem


Earth Solutions Farm in a BoxTM is an aquaponic ecosystem that allows growers to produce plants and fish easily and organically. By inviting natural processes, fish waste becomes plant food. Ebb and flow watering cycles keep water clear of ammonia.

This modified hydroponic approach replaces chemical fertilizers, rigorous monitoring and there is no need for water discharge. Fish waste contains ammonia, which is entirely converted by bacteria to nitrate and nitrite + minerals through the nitrogen cycle.


* 14" x 42" EPDM rubber lined, wooden plant bed with stand
* 35 gallon EPDM rubber lined, wooden tank
* Beds and tank are made from FSC Certified sustainably farmed poplar and /or birch
* 15 minute Interval Dual Outlet Timer
* 160 GPH Submersible Pump
* Ebb and Flow Trickle Valve
* Hoses
* Casters
* Setup Instructions


* Bed: 8" x 14" x 42"
* Tank: 35 gallon
* Weight: 43 lbs

Item Number: 134987

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