Primal Harvest 5 Pound Dry Powder

Primal Harvest 5 Pound Dry Powder


-N0.00% -P12.00% -K1.00%
This legendary guano, sourced from uninhabited ancient fossilized deposits, is the "king" of bloom guanos, and considered by the ancients as a "gift from the gods". No other phosphate guano, pound for pound, provides as much flowering dynamics. Naturally formulated with no nitrogen and high phosphorous to focus the plants' energy on the production of flowers, fruit, and veggies and not on excessive green growth. To experience awesome yields, feed your plants the legendary Primal Harvest.


Apply & work soil prior and during budding flowering and fruiting.

Container Plants: 1 Tbsp/Gal - Apply every 3 months

Gardens: 2lbs/sq. ft. - Apply once a year

Roses & Flowering Shrubs: Use 1 cup per plant per year

Fruit & Flowering Trees: Apply 6" band at the drip-line once per year.

If plants show signs of nitrogen deficiency add Earth Juice Grow. For superior results, use in conjunction with Earth Juice Liquid Organic Fertilizers. To be used in conjunction with a complete fertilizer program that relates to the fertility of the soil.

Item Number: 135206
Universal Product Code: 727644173050
Manufacturer: Hydro-Organics
Manufacturer's Part Number: F17305
Brand: Primal Harvest


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