CO2 Green Pad Jr. - 4" x 6" Pad - 10 Pack


Green Pad Jr. for use in clone trays!


For hydroponics and indoor gardens water stays cleaner controls mold.

Promotes healthier fuller plants

CO2 accelerates the natural rooting process for cuttings and seedlings so they can establish healthy roots and more nodes by feeding the leaves..

The Green Pad JR gives you higher strike rates, less leaf yellowing, faster rooting by 2-3 days
or more allowing you to move healthy rooted cuttings and seedlings to veg faster.

The GreenPad Jr is placed in the humidity dome and replaced every other day until you are fully rooted or when you remove the dome. Its that easy!

Very inexpensive to have on-hand and if you don't use them immediately, they'll be good to go when you need them
for up to a year. Make sure to keep the remaining Green Pad JR's dry and they will last up to a year.

Small gardens can use the Green Pad Jr as well, just enough carbon dioxide for mini growers so they can benefit too!

Co2 is the only anti-microbial gas in the atmosphere the green pad and CO2 controls mold and algae growth in the water, containers and the surrounding enviornment resulting in lower maintenance and fuller healthier plants

Item Number: 135244
Manufacturer: CO2 Green Pad

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