Daisy Cloner - 4 Site

Daisy Cloner - 4 Site

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Daisy Cloner

The four-site aeroponic Daisy Cloner is a self-contained cloning system that's a cinch to use and priced to fit any budget.
Compact unit fits almost anywhere and the high-pressure mist provides an atmosphere that's perfect for fast root development in cuttings.
This Daisy Cloner comes with four, three-inch net cups and lids, a 120-volt, and a UL-Listed submersible pump with one-year warranty.
Reservoir holds approximately three gallons.

Aeroponic Cloning Systems
This simple to use cloning machine offers commercial quality components at an economical price. A high-pressure mist sprays the cuttings and roots appear within days. This system is ideal for schools, research & development and hobbyists. Root up to eight plants at a time.

Add cloning solution to water, place cutting in the root guard, neoprene collar and place in the 3" pot. Operate the machine for 24 hour periods until roots appear (3-10 days). Transplant your new clone into any grow substrate. Botanicare also suggests using AquaShield. The Daisy Cloner works best with 16-18 hours of fluorescent light for cuttings. Misting leaves once or twice daily is also helpful.

  • Perfect for propagating cuttings.
  • Ideal for cloning up to 4 of your favorite herbs or vegetables.
  • Provides an effective, automated method for delivering optimal levels of water, nutrients, and oxygen for rapid growth rates.
  • Includes Power Clone Solution and AquaShield
The Daisy Cloner includes:
  • Aeroponics Pump
  • Net Pots
  • Rootguard Neoprene Collar

Item Specifications
Item Number: 135264
Manufacturer: Botanicare
Manufacturer's Part Number: HSDAISY-4
Brand: Botanicare

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