Mykos 30 Mycorrhizae Fertilizer Blend 2.2 Pound

Mykos 30 Mycorrhizae Fertilizer Blend 2.2 Pound

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A 30% Mycorrhizae / 70% 6-4-4 Fertilizer Blend

MYKOS 30, ORGANIC & NATURAL is a premium blend of mycorrhizae and organic plant food-a combination which is ideal for growing organic vegetables and flowers. This method of providing nutrients to plants not only produces a healthier garden, but it exponentially increases the population of many of the beneficial microbes that associate with mycorrhizal fungi, which healthy soils must contain.

Mycorrhiza, plural Mycorrhizae live on the roots of plants and form a symbiotic relationship. They extend microscopic straw-like filaments called "hyphae" into the soil where they extract, transport, and dramatically increase a host plant's supply of nutrients and moisture. Pockets of nutrients and water in the soil which were once unreachable by standard root systems are now made accessible through the "super-mining" effects which mycorrhiza gifts to your plants.

The combination of a biological and very effective Organic Fertilizer in Mykos30 consistantly outperforms any other organic fertilizer on the market.


  • A Natural & Organic Nutrient Source
  • Feeds ALL Season
  • Improves Drought Tolerance
  • Healthier Plants
  • Higher Yields
  • Longer Lasting Flowers
  • More Vitamins and Minerals in Fruits & Vegetables

Item Specifications
Item Number: 135354
Universal Product Code: 689076465465
Manufacturer: Reforestation Technologies International

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