Big Boy w/ Upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter

Big Boy w/ Upgraded KDF85/Catalytic Carbon Filter

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  • High flow rate of 7 gallons per minute or 420 gallons per hour
  • tand alone unit or *whole house filter(*with optional garden hose connection kit)
  • 25,000 gallon capacity
  • Removes 99% of chlorine and 95%+ of sediment
  • Give your plants and family pure H2O with no offensive tastes or odors
This System Includes:
  • 2-stage Oversized Housings with Pleated, Cleanable Sediment and Green Coconut Carbon Filters
  • Inlet and Outlet Pressure Gauges
  • Heavy Duty Wall Mountable Aluminum Bracket - No rust!
  • 1" Inlet and Outlet for Whole House Application
  • Filter Housing Wrench

Why isn't my SmallBoy TallBoy or BigBoy reducing my PPMs?

These are sediment and dechlorinating systems, they remove sediment, chlorine, volitile organinc compounds, tastes and odors. In order reduce PPMs one needs to purchase a reverse osmosis system such as our Stealth RO100, Stealth RO200 or Evolution RO1000

Can I drink the water out of my SmallBoy, TallBoy or BigBoy?
These 3 systems are dechlorinating and sediment filters, they do not remove PPMs (parts per million) or harmful contaminants such as pharmaceutical residue, pesticide run-off or arsenic to name a few

Item Specifications
Item Number: 135446
Universal Product Code: 812111010614
Manufacturer: Hydro-Logic Purification Systems
Manufacturer's Part Number: 31005

Additional Documents
pdf file Hydro Logic Filter Specifications
pdf file Hydro Logic System Specifications
pdf file Manual
pdf file Instruction Guide

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