Silver Edition HydroHut, 10'x10'

Silver Edition HydroHut, 10'x10'


Our HydroHut Estate is the largest of the "10×10" size class. The Estate actually measures 10 feet 7 inches square, more than a foot bigger in both directions than the competition. We designed it this big so you could actually have two large 4×8 tables inside and be able to move around and in between them. Other tents make it impossible to get to your trays. We boast a total of 112 sq. feet of space to grow in (127 inches X 127 inches X 7 feet tall).

Our poles on the Estate model are 25mm in diameter and have a 2mm wall thickness. These are large, strong, galvanized, powder-coated steel poles that will hold a ton of weight and not rust. This tent is heavier than the competition but for good reason.

The ceiling will easily hold 150 lbs on each side - 300 lbs total. With no center down support, the ceiling will bow just a bit but this was planned for. Our center X support is bulky enough to take the weight. Compare this to Secret Jardin's 2.5 foot aluminum pole sections which cause their ceiling to be
The 4 sides of the HydroHut Estate are the same allowing you to link another HydroHut Estate to the first one from any direction. Add Estate to Estate in any way you wish to make a connected greenhouse in whatever shape you desire.

There are two floors of course, the main tent floor and a second, waterproof floor made of non-toxic PE in white to help with reflecting secondary light.

The HydroHut Estate has 22 ten inch air ducting ports, 18 electrical ports and a ton of space inside. Ships by truck only in two boxes. Patent Protected in the USA and China.
both ineffective at holding major weight and bowing horribly with just lights hanging.

The Specs

  • Largest grow tent in the "10×10" class size
  • 127" x 127" x 84" tall ( 10' 7" x 10' 7" X 7' tall) 112 total Sq. Ft.
  • Patent protected in the US and China
  • Easily holds 2 X the largest 4'x 8' ebb and flow trays with room to walk around them and in between them, unlike all other 10×10's
  • Linkable to another HydroHut Estate from any side to make any shape interconnected greenhouse
  • 600D outer canvas, durable and thick
  • Ceiling easily holds 150 lbs on each side, 300 lbs total. Can hang largest charcoal filters, lights, fans etc without worry of ceiling collapse
  • Strongest Ceiling with no center down pole - 25mm galvanized, powder-coated steel poles that will not rust
  • 22 ten inch, double sock air ducting ports, 18 double sock electrical ports
  • Non toxic PE waterproof second floor, highly reflective, durable Mylar inner walls

Item Number: 135702
International Article Number: 6943764511808

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