DripCap 4"

DripCap 4"


The DRIPCAP® is a patented water conservation tool & grow medium protector. It uses a new Innovative dripping method, & hose holding technology.

The DRIPCAP® is made from recycled plastic, recyclable & re-useable. Supported by a rear hinge the DRIPCAP® splits apart down the center, enabling an easy, secure installation and removal, at any stage of the plant's development.

The two permanently attached hose holders on the top of the DRIPCAP® are a "friction fit" method of attachment. Using a gently sloped angle on the inside of the hose holding cylinders enabled us to obtain a snug compression fit on the outside of the hose, creating a firm tight seal without leakage.

Making the hose attachment this way allows for a multitude of different size hoses to be accommodated, ranging from 4 mm (.157") to 7.6 mm (.298") O.D. are an easy fit on the same DripCap.

You can attach one propagation hose or two. With two propagation hoses attached there are four dripping holes underneath the cap for even dripping onto the medium. The Dripper holes are the diameter of 2 mm each.

Item Number: 135725
Universal Product Code: 013403154201
Manufacturer: Cube Cap Inc
Manufacturer's Part Number: 714867
Brand: Cube Cap

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