IGS-111 Integrated controller for temperature and humidity

IGS-111 Integrated controller for temperature and humidity

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iGS-111 can use the intake-exhaust fan(s) to cool the garden only in cold climate as the outdoors air temperature is always colder than the indoor garden temperature

When one chooses to supply the plants in CO2 thru ventilation, continuous opration of fan(s) is recommended during the photoperiod as the garden's lamps are ON.

When one chooses to raise the level of CO2 using a regulator and a CO2 bottle, the grow room may be "sealed" as little or no oxygen is used. Fans may be operated a few minutes per hour just to diminish plants produced bothering odors.

When a CO2 combustion generator (propane or natural gas) is used to raise the CO2 level, ventilation for at least 2 to 5 minutes is mandatory to replenish the oxygen supply required by the generator's combustion. Insufficient oxygen supply in the garden's atmosphere provokes production of carbon monoxyde, toxic to humans, and ethylen, toxic to plants: often seen as poisoned plants leaves roll into itself.

Intelligently manages 4 actions: heating, cooling (AC or fan), humidifying and dehumidifying.
Prioritizes actions according to a logical sequence! No more need to coordinate many controllers together!
Allows temperature and humidity's differential adjustment for:

- A precise comfort zone for plants;
- Avoiding contradictory actions like heating and cooling at the same time;
- More energy savings;
- A better durability of the equipments.

Feeds up to 30 amps of controlled equipments (110-120V; 2 separate circuits needed).
Ready to use, just adjust your set points!
Offers a 24 hours log to know your garden's conditions.
Hassle free 3 years warranty.
7 days free technical support.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 135734
Manufacturer: Nova Biomatique
Manufacturer's Part Number: IGS111

Additional Documents
pdf file Marketing Information
pdf file Instruction Manual

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