Vermi-T 5/10 Extractor


This new revolutionary tea brewing process is used to multiply beneficial micro organisms through the recirculation and injection of highly aerated water into a Vermi T Bio-Cartridge.

This extractor can be used with the Vermi T 5 or 10 gallon cartridges. Just drop Vermi T cartridge into slot, fill to the appropriate water line and 24 hours later you have fresh brewed compost tea!

Typically a compost tea must be used immediately after brewing. Unlike most compost teas our research and development team has found that by culturing a consistent, correct balance of biology and immediately refrigerating the fresh extracted solution, Vermi T will maintain 100% viability for 7 to 10 days.

Vermi T 5/10 Extractor Directions

Follow directions for optimal results


1. Remove the lid
2. To activate, tear small hole in plastic and add Awake (included) to Vermi T Cartridge 24-72 hours prior to extraction. Replace lid and let stand at room temperature for 24-72 hours (No less than 24 hours and no more than 72 hours)
3. Remove plastic and place activated Vermi T Cartridge into Vermi T Extractor. Note: pour any remaining contents in cartridge box into 5/10 Extractor reservoir.
4. Fill reservoir of 5/10 Extractor with "reverse osmosis" or "de-chlorinated" water to 10 gallon designated fill line.
5. Add Frenzy (included) to water in 5/10 Vermi T Extractor reservoir.
6. Plug in Vermi T Extractor to begin the 24-hour extraction process (for best results a PRECISE 24 hours of extraction is required).
7. After 24 hours turn valve of 5/10 Extractor from "extract" to "fill" in order to dispense solution. Note: refrigerate any unused solution immediately after extraction

Item Number: 135785
Universal Product Code: 891155002038
Manufacturer: Vermicrop Organics
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC720720
Brand: Vermicrop Organics

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How To Use the Vermi-T 5/10 Extractor

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