GreenCure Fungicide 8oz

GreenCure Fungicide 8oz


GreenCure fungicide is recommended for use on over 150 different flowers, trees, houseplants, fruits, vegetables, and turfs. Unlike other fungicides, GreenCure is not a toxic chemical. Its active ingredient, potassium bicarbonate, is commonly used in food products, but in this patented formula it is a highly effective, more sensible fungicide.

Kills powdery mildew and other diseases on contact and provides
up to 2 weeks of residual protection

  • Alternative to harsh chemicals
  • Proven effective in 200 university trials and 12 years in organic agriculture
  • Fully dissolves in water
  • Odorless - no foul smell
  • Sprays on evenly and sticks to
    plant surfaces
  • Fruit and vegetables can be harvested as soon as 1 hour after spraying
  • Does not restrict plant growth
  • Economical
  • Does not accumulate in soil
  • Compatible with many beneficial insects
  • For Organic Production
  • Use GreenCure with indoor and hydroponic gardening

Use GreenCure for organic gardening. Fulfills USDA's National Organic Program (NOP) requirements.

GreenCure is highly effective against powdery mildew on roses and other ornamentals. GreenCure can be used in the garden to prevent or cure powdery mildew on tomatoes, pumkins, cucumbers, grapes, apples, herbs and more.

Powdery mildew on pumpkin leaf, sprayed twice with GreenCure.
One week between applications. Shows complete control of disease.

GreenCure is applied with spray equipment using a sufficient volume of water to insure complete coverage of all stems and foliage.

Mixing Instructions: Dilute GreenCure with water before applying. Carefully measure and mix the stated amounts of product and water. Do not use more than the stated amounts.

GreenCure is packaged in an 8oz., convenient to use, wide-mouth plastic jar. We include a scoop that has both a 1 tablespoon measurement (1 tablespoon to the gallon) and a 1/4 teaspoon measurement (3 1/4 teaspoons to 32 oz. of water). The little scoop is convenient to use because it fits in the opening of a small spray bottle.

One gallon of this solution is sufficient to treat approximately 450 square feet. Apply the solution to all exposed surfaces of the plant. Use a sufficient spray volume to obtain complete coverage of all foliage and stems. Uniform and complete coverage is essential for the most effective results.

Item Number: 135856
Universal Product Code: 094922566867
Manufacturer: H & I Agritech, Inc.
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC704315
Brand: GreenCure


pdf file MSDS Sheet
pdf file MSDS Sheet
pdf file MSDS

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