Olivia's Cloning Starter Kit

Olivia's Cloning Starter Kit


Olivia's Cloning Starter Kit is what every grower needs to begin cloning their favorite plant off to the right start.

The Starter-Kit contains 3 items:

  • One 16oz. bottle of Olivia's Cloning Solution concentrate (makes 4 gallons)
  • One 2oz/60ml bottle of Olivia's Cloning Gel
  • One tri-fold pamphlet with complete instructions, tips and drawings on how to clone/propagate your favorite plant

It's what every successful gardener needs to know. All the essentials that you need for your clones/cuttings are in one easy to use box. The liquid cloning solution and gel can be used with any hydroponic or soil application - any type of cloning system.

Why buy cuttings when you can clone your own! Trust the leader in cloning for over 25 years...Olivia's Solutions Inc.!

Dip your cuttings in Olivia's Gel to seal the cutting from the air, this will reduce the risk of infection or embolism. After dipping the cutting place it in Rockwool cubes and water.

Use Olivia's Solution to water your cuttings and get up to 100% success rate. Olivia's Solution feeds new cuttings as they root and helps to reduce transplant shock. Safe and easy to use, just mix six fluid ounces of Olivia's to one gallon of water and feed to your plants. Place cuttings in solution as they are cut from the plant. Use the Olivia's Gel to dip your cuttings for optimum results.

  • For Both Hydroponics & Soil Applications
  • Stimulates Rapid Root Development
  • Feeds New Cuttings As They Root
  • For All Plants - Indoor & Outdoor
  • Superior Start & Growth
  • Safe & Easy to Use

Item Number: 135879
Universal Product Code: 718122116034
Manufacturer: Olivia's Solutions Inc.
Manufacturer's Part Number: 726355
Brand: Olivia's Solution

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