Eco-Nutrients Eco-Nereo Kelp 5 Gallon

Eco-Nutrients Eco-Nereo Kelp 5 Gallon

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Fresh Ingredients: The kelp product we produce is found along the Northern California and Oregon coasts. It's formal name is Nereocystis Luetkeana. Commonly known as "Bull Kelp," this kelp variety can grow 20-30 feet in length and regenerates itself fully within two weeks.

Process: We manually harvest the fronds of the kelp. We grind the kelp, add an enzyme, and put it into vats at room temperature, 55 to 60 degrees F. Two percent, water soluble, humic acid is added and the product is then allowed to break itself down, then it's sent through the 200 mesh Sweco screen.

Benefits of Kelp

Healthier Soil, Healthier Plant: Eco-Nereo is a biologically active liquid auxiliary soil and plant substance applied to soil, plants, or seeds for the purpose of soil correction and to improve germination, growth, yield, product quality, reproduction, flavor, color, or other desirable plant characteristics.

This product is used primarily as a foliar. Our product enhances plants development, color, fruiting and flowering, and overall plant vigor. A strong plant, in return will be able to fight off pests and diseases. Kelp guru, Dr. T.L. Senn found that this natural wonder increases plant hardiness and resistance to adverse environmental conditions, such as frost, extreme heat, and lack of moisture.

Fish and kelp: designed to work together.

Eco-Hydro Fish and Eco-Nereo Kelp provide an organic, nutritionally complete and earth-friendly soil fortifier. They have the primary nutrients your plants and soil need!

Benefits of our Eco-Hydro Fish and Eco-Nereo Kelp:

  • no run-off into waterways and lakes when used as directed
  • non phyto-toxic: no toxic effects on plant growth
  • promotes microbial decomposition of thatch(post-harvest residues)
  • can be used as key ingredients for compost teas
  • Great compost starters
  • Eco-Hydro Fish and Eco-Nereo Kelp Liquid Fertilizer can be used at any time of the growing cycle

Item Specifications
Item Number: 136006
Universal Product Code: 708032050054
Manufacturer: Eco-Nutrients, Inc.

Additional Documents
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