Ful-Power 2.5 Gallon

Ful-Power 2.5 Gallon


Ful-Power: (formerly BioMagic) A superior Fulvic Acid that is preferred by growers because of its HIGH BIO-AVAILABILITY and SUPREME CHELATING ACTION. Our revolutionary biological processing method mimics earth's natural processes. No acids, preservatives or chemicals (which cause bio-degradation) are used. Ful-Power is a premium product for a variety of applications including foliar sprays (helping to increase effectiveness of other materials), clones and cuttings, bare-root dip, and seed activation. Also use in hydroponic applications and for biological stimulation.

Ful-Power Humic Acid Liquid
A high degree of technical knowledge and years of trial and error helped us revolutionize liquid processing methods. We now have available the most effective golden humic acid product you will find anywhere. WE GUARANTEE IT! The key is our revolutionary, biological extraction method that mimics earths' natural processes and retains the integrity of the concentrated remains of ancient organic matter and microbes. This results in an organic product with high bioavailability, primary and secondary metabolites as well as phytostimulants from the "fermentation" process. The purified humic acid present in Ful-Power is golden in color and has superior chelating ability, providing an organic bridge between lifeless minerals and living plant roots. It will help optimize peak cellular/plant growth, increase yields, and aid in disease and pest prevention. Fulvic complexes enhance both mineral and trace element uptake in plants without inducing toxicity. It also prevents nutrients from binding in solution and creating insoluble precipitates. And, Ful-Power does this without any chemicals or perservatives!

General Applications Rates:
Seed activation: For vegetable seeds soak 72 hours at 25 ml/gal (1-150 dilution rate). For other, soak for 24 hours at 35ml/gal (1-100 dilution rate). Soil and Container plants: 20-30 ml/gal (1-200 & 1-100 dilution) Hydroponic: 10-30ml/gal of nutrient solution Foliar Rates: 20 ml/gal (1-200 dilution) Cuttings and Bare root: 35ml/gal (1-100 dilution)

*Store in cool, dark environment. Please note that Ful-Power is processed naturally, and if not stored properly, some algae may grow in the product over time. This growth is neither harmful nor does it degrade the product in any way. It is actually a sign of the high biological activity in the product.

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Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC719777
Brand: BioAg

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