Tomato Maker Fertilizer & Blossom End Rot Prevention

Tomato Maker Fertilizer & Blossom End Rot Prevention

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Tomato Maker is a revolutionary fertilizer and soil conditioner that produces a robust crop of firm, tasty tomatoes. A natural-based product, it provides comprehensive (major and micro) nutrition including Calcium, Magnesium and Iron.

Tomato Maker 4-2-6 is an insurance policy for robust, delicious tomatoes. A revolutionary natural-based fertilizer with just the right combination of nutrients. Fortified with iron, magnesium & slow release calcium that will prevent and correct deficiencies responsible for blossom end rot. Ideal for use from seedling stage to harvest. Nutrients are in a fine powder for rather than granules for greater surface area and more active particles per square inch, resulting in more complete feeding and robust plants and crop. Our 3 lb. re-sealable bag will treat 6 tomato plants from planting all the way to harvest. Tomato Maker can be used on other fruits and vegetables too!

  • Natural-Based Fertilizer
  • 4-2-6 Anaylsis + Micronutrients
  • 3-Lb Resealable Bag

Item Specifications
Item Number: 136153
Universal Product Code: 679045415911
Manufacturer: Organic Laboratories

Additional Documents
pdf file Directions For Use
pdf file MSDS

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