Organic & Natural Feeder Packs 384 Count (64 Retail 6 Packs)

Organic & Natural Feeder Packs 384 Count (64 Retail 6 Packs)

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Organic Feeder Six Paks are an easy, once and done method of nourishing your plants ALL season long.

Each packet contains six slow-release 8-4-4 organic fertilizer paks which feeds your plants nutrients as they're needed. Organic Feeder Paks are Eco-Friendly, they lose less than 1% to run-off!

These Six Paks are meant as a "pairing" with Six Paks of tomato starts, flowers, or other plants, as a cost-effective means of providing all the food those six plants need for an entire season!

ORGANIC FEEDER PAKS are 100% biodegradable packets containing organic fertilizer. These environmentally safe, synthetic-replacing packets are the most efficient means of providing a supplemental source of nutrients to new transplants, indoor potted plants, and other ornamentals.

These safe and long-lasting biodegradable paks deliver a continuous supply of plant nutrients for an entire season. The "Root Zone" application assures that virtually every bit of fertilizer is delivered to the plant and none is lost to the environment (wasted). Tomatoes will grow larger, flowering beds, bowls, and baskets will bloom longer without becoming "leggy" and weak looking, which is a result of feeding with soluble and liquid fertilizers. Once a person has tried FEEDER PAKS, they will never go back to messy "Miracle" products, fertilizer spikes, or other conventional garden fertilizers again.,

Once & Done Application Feeds ALL Season!


  • Apply Once at time of Transplanting
  • Fully Balanced and Effective Organic Fertilizer
  • Faster Growth
  • Bigger Yields
  • Environmentally Safe, No Leaching, No Burning

The placement and means of release, proprietary to RTI, has been documented in the *American Journal of Soil Science and assures that less than 1% of the nutrients are lost to the environment, compared to the 80-90% that is lost when using chemicals.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 136164
Universal Product Code: 689076935777
Manufacturer: Reforestation Technologies International

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