Evolution-RO1000 KDF/Catalytic Carbon Pre-filter

Evolution-RO1000 KDF/Catalytic Carbon Pre-filter


Evolution Reverse Osmosis KDF Carbon Pre Filter
  • The Evolution Reverse Osmosis KDF Carbon Pre Filter reduces sediment and certain chemicals, such as chlorine taste and odor, and chloramines from the water.
  • The Evolution-RO1000 Reverse Osmosis KDF Carbon Pre Filter should be replaced a minimum of every 2,000 gallons of purified water produced, depending on water use and the amount of impurities in the water.
  • The Hydrologic EvolutionRO1000 Carbon PreFilter HL22043 provides protection for the Evolution RO Membrane Element.
  • The Catalytic Carbon Prefilter is appropriate for well water and city water.

1. What is KDF? Kinetic Degradation Fluxion (KDF) is a high-purity copper-zinc formulation that uses a basic chemical process known as redox (oxidation/reduction) to remove chlorine, lead, mercury, iron, and hydrogen sulfide from water supplies.

2. How does KDF Work? In short, the KDF redox process works by exchanging electrons with contaminants. This "give and take" of electrons converts many contaminants into harmless components. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between molecules, and new elements are created. Some harmful contaminants are changed into harmless components. Others are electrochemically bound to the KDF media.

3. What Contaminants Does KDF Remove? KDF process media works to reduce or remove chlorine, iron, hydrogen sulfide, lead, mercury, magnesium, and chromium. It may also inhibit the growth of bacteria, algae, and fungi. Redox media removes up to 98% of water-soluble cations (positively-charged ions) of lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved metals. More than 98% of chlorine is generally removed.

Item Number: 136203
Universal Product Code: 812111011376
Manufacturer: Hydro-Logic Purification Systems
Manufacturer's Part Number: 22043
Brand: Hydro-Logic

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