Safer - Ringer Compost Plus Compost Maker 2 lb

Safer - Ringer Compost Plus Compost Maker  2 lb


Start composting and use compost to fertilize flowers or a vegetable garden. Learn how to compost and watch your garden grow with healthy vegetables and gorgeous blooming flowers. Safer brand's compost starter contains a blend of microorganisms specially designed to start the composting process quickly and efficiently.

Stop paying money for compost; create your own organic, nutrient-rich soil with our organic compost starter box today.

Why Composting?

Composting yard waste breaks down the plant tissue to simple, basic nutrients in a form that plants can use for growth. Yards and gardens can receive the benefits of rich, moist humus when worked into the soil in the Spring or Fall or anytime during the growing season. Want to know how to compost? Composting creates nutrient rich soil Knowing how to compost can save you alot of money and produce a healthy organic garden.

Ringer Compost Plus Compost Maker uses a range of natural microorganisms that are designed and selected for the material that they decompose. In particular, they combine thermophilic organisms that work at higher temperatures. Ringer Compost Plus contains specially designed nutrient sources that start the compost process more quickly and efficiently.

Item Number: 136211
Universal Product Code: 024654530508
Manufacturer: Woodstream
Manufacturer's Part Number: 3050

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