Light Rail 4.0 Intelli Drive Motor w/ Rail

Light Rail 4.0 Intelli Drive Motor w/ Rail

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The all new LightRail 4.0 AdjustaDrive is the newest linear light mover available from Gualala Robotics Inc. With both a 0 to 60 second adjustable time delay for promoting even growth from end to end, and a two to four feet per minute adjustable speed that covers a wide range of lamp intensities and travel distances. The all new LightRail 4 AdjustaDrive from Gualala Robotics Inc., designed and manufactured in the USA and is the ultimate in light mover control and is compatible with all LightRail 3.0 and 3.5 rails and accessory items.

This item comes with drive motor, easy to assemble 2-meter rail with hardware and instructions, and is compatible with all LightRail 3.0 and 3.5 rails and accessory items. Product has 2 year manufactures warranty

  • Instrument grade drive motor, runs on only 9 watts.
  • Digital control circuitry with both adjustable speed and time delay for promoting even plant growth.
  • No sprockets or chains.
  • Heavy duty ball bearing carrier wheels.
  • Self cluth drive design with automatic traction control.
  • Made in America Matters
Moving one light over 6 feet should increase your light's area of coverage by approximately 1.6
  • Even coverage
  • Eliminate hot spots
  • Maximize bulb power
  • Save money
  • more of plant canopy covered during photo period
  • Leaves absorb more light energy

Use less lights to cover the same distance but keep the correct intensity by running the light closer. Depending on your light you can save as much as $300 per year and have better results.

Are you losing as much as 60% of your light's energy?
  • Static lighting does not provide the correct light intensity
  • Static lighting does not maximize LAI (Leaf Area Index)
  • Static lighting does not offer optimum plant-to-leaf tolerance
  • Static lighting does not promote optimum plant spacing
  • Static lighting does not maximize light during photo period

Item Specifications
Item Number: 136470
Universal Product Code: 689001400011
Manufacturer: Gualala Robotics
Manufacturer's Part Number: LR4ID6KIT
Brand: Light Rail

Additional Documents
pdf file Brochure
pdf file Instruction Guide

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