SOS Beneficial Bacteia Qt

SOS Beneficial Bacteia Qt

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SOS contains 19 species of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. The microbes contained in SOS will promote stronger and faster root, stalk, flower and fruit development. It will also breakdown salts into bio available nutrients, remediate toxins present in soil and water, and speed the breakdown of dead organic material into bioavailable nutrients. Works great for both hydroponic and soil applications. Grow your plants bigger and stronger and faster!

The "All in One" product for bigger, stronger and faster growth!

SOS (Super Organic Stimulator), we have found from various testing, can greatly enhance and speed the growth of plants grown within the Hydroponic system.

SOS contains 19 specialized species of highly concentrated beneficial bacteria that address the challenges facing the hydroponics grower. One species is Bacillus Subtillus. B. Subtillus promotes root growth by creating the enzyme, Auxin, a root stimulator. It is highly tolerant to acidic pH, heat and salt. SOS's other beneficial species of bacteria and enzymes speeds the assimilation of nutrients by the plants (nitrogen, phosphate, potassium and trace minerals), resulting in stronger and faster root, stalk, leaf and flower/fruit development. SOS reduces fertilizer usage significantly. SOS also breaks down toxins that may be present in the water and inhibit certain types of root fungus. SOS BIOREMEDIATES THE FOLLOWING CONTAMINATES IN SOIL AND WATER:

Alkanes (Gasoline, Diesel, Fuel Oil, etc.)

Chlorinated Hydrocarbons (Trichloroethylene, Penta & Tetrachlorophenol, etc.)

Aromatics (Toluene, Xylene, 1,2,3, Trimethylbenzene, etc.)

Ketones (Methyl Isobutyl Ketone, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, etc.)

Alcohols (Isopropanol, Isobutanol, Ethyl Alcohol, etc.)

Aliphatic and Aromatic Solvents (Naphtha)

Mixed Hydrocarbons (Mineral Spirits)


Item Specifications
Item Number: 136677
Universal Product Code: 815443001343
Manufacturer: Strata International

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