Geohumus 1lb Cup

Geohumus 1lb Cup


Add Geohumus to any soil or coco media, any container and any plant for amazing results. Geohumus is a soil & coco additive derived from volcanic rock and other natural ingredients. In numerous studies it has been shown that the use of Geohumus leads to improved root formation, faster and better growth of plants, a greater yield and earlier harvest. Watch your plants erupt! Made in Germany.

Geohumus, the long lasting water storage and release soil additive keeps most of the water from seeping through or evaporating before it can be absorbed by the plants roots. Geohumus can absorb up to 40-times its own weight in water. The water and the dissolved nutrients are held near the plants roots and released as needed. The process can be repeated time and again. Dehydration is clearly reduced, water and fertilizer saved as the plants get a balanced water supply.

Item Number: 136761
Universal Product Code: 094922351913
Manufacturer: Geohumus

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How To Use Geohumus

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