Rescue Tape 1"X12' Black

Rescue Tape 1"X12' Black


Rescue Tape is a self-fusing silicone repair product with infinite uses. First used by the US Military and now seen at consumer and industrial trade shows across America, this is the most versatile and easy-to-use emergency repair product available. You can repair leaks on plumbing and hoses in a flash, use to insulate electrical wiring or as shrink wrap, wrap tool handles, and much, much more.

Rescue Tape . . .

Is Self-Fusing!
Incredible 950 PSI Tensile Strength!
Insulates 8,000 Volts per layer!
Withstands 500 F Degrees of heat!
Remains flexible to -85 F! (-60 C)

Creates a Permanent Air-Tight, Water-Tight Seal in seconds!
Never gets gummy or sticky like electrical or duct tape - No messy cleanup!
Has an unbelievably long shelf life!
Is extremely versatile!
Resists Fuels, Oils, Acids, Solvents, Salt Water, Road Salt, UV Rays

Rescue Tape has infinite uses!

Here are just a few suggestions:

  • Keep it on board vehicles & equipment for emergency hose repair!
  • Seal leaky hoses, pipes, tubing, lines, & fittings
  • Neaten up lines and extension cords in stowage
  • Wrap tools and handles for a GREAT non-slip grip
  • Wrap wiring harnesses and custom split-looming
  • Waterproof electrical connections and terminals
  • Use it as an emergency fan belt!
  • Make emergency O-Rings
  • Wrap hydraulic fittings and other exposed metal connections to help prevent corrosion
  • Works even over wet, dirty, or oily surfaces!
  • Use it as a tourniquet or emergency wrap over bleeding injuries
  • Wrap it around ANYTHING that you want secure, and it will never leave any sticky residue!

Item Number: 136836
Universal Product Code: 859184001019
Manufacturer: Rescue Tape
Manufacturer's Part Number: RP2562
Brand: Rescue Tape
Model Number: RT1000201201USC

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