Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat 12" x 48"

Super Sprouter Seedling Heat Mat 12" x 48"


Mat design allows placing propagation trays end to end (instead of side by side) on this mat. A 4' fluorescent light fixture will be perfect to provide supplemental lighting over this size area. These mats are 20% larger than competitive mats. This allows warming of 2 complete propagation trays to their edges. Helps gardeners have better success rates with seedlings and cuttings.

  • Daisy chain your mats for ease of use. You can connect up to 10 mats together.
  • Warms rooting area approximately 10-20 F over ambient temperature to improve germination process.
  • Heavy - duty construction makes this mat very durable.
  • Ed Hume Seal of Approval.
  • Dimensions are 12" x 48" and it is 60 watts.

  1. Place mat on dry, flat surface.
  2. Plug the mat into a standard 120-volt power outlet.
  3. Put your seed flat directly on the war mat.


  • The mat is designed to warm the temperature of the rooting area 10 -20 F above the ambient air temperature.
  • For best results, locate on a counter top or shelf instead of a cold and drafty floor.
  • Using a clear dome with your seed tray will help maintain temperature and humidity.
  • Purchase a thermostat seperatly if you would like exact temperature control.
  • If you would like to slightly reduce the temperature of your growing media, you can place your tray on two pencils lifting the tray 3/8" off the mat.

  • Be careful not to expose your seedlings & cuttings to direct sunlight or artificial light that is too strong.
  • Flourescent fixtures work great as an artificial light source.
  • Lower wattage high intensity discharge (HID) lighting works well too, but needs to be placed about 3 feet from the starts.

Item Number: 136955
Universal Product Code: 870883002886
Manufacturer: Sunlight Supply
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC726685
Brand: Super Sprouter


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