The Lazy Gardener Automatic Watering Device 14" - 22"

The Lazy Gardener Automatic Watering Device 14" - 22"


The 3-in-1 Lazy Gardener root management device delivers water vapor, heat & air directly into the root-zone.

The Lazy Gardener creates ideal growing conditions by maintaining consistent moisture content, root zone temperature and oxygen levels. It delivers water vapor rather than liquid, which is the most efficient form of irrigation, eliminating overwatering & reducing water use up to 90%. It's a "set it & forget it" product. Set the water up and walk away, maybe refill a once every week. You can take a vacation from your plants for weeks a time! All you need to supply is a power outlet and water reservoir. You will never have to worry about over- or under-watering your plants again.

Self-watering with water vapor irrigation
Root-zone warming
Root-zone aeration


No overwatering or under watering
Up to 90% reduction in water use
Longer growing season and higher yields
No fungal root diseases

Large model
Size: 14"-22", 7-12 gl
Moisture Delivery Wick: 18"
Wattage: 12W

Item Number: 137565
Universal Product Code: 793573034182
Manufacturer: AgroSci
Manufacturer's Part Number: 3418
Brand: The Lazy Gardener

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