Dr Earth Metabolic Transformer

Dr Earth Metabolic Transformer


Natural & Organic Catalyst for All Soil Types
ProMoisture Hydrate Plus Super Concentrated ProBiotic
Behold the Distillation of True Innovation:

After revolutionizing an entire industry with one breakthrough innovation after another, Founder and Formulator Milo Shammas now offers you his VERY BEST, the ultimate combination of all his formulating experience manifested as one rare and precious product. Dr. Earth proudly introduces METABOLIC TRANSFORMER.

Awesome Powers Combined:

Milo Shammas invented ProBiotic based on "nature's intelligence" and his understanding of the complex relationship between soil and the root systems of plants. Twelve years later came his next innovation, ProMoisture Hydrate with Aloe Vera, to "keep the intelligence alive." Now, with METABOLIC TRANSFORMER, he combines ProMoisture Hydrate with super concentrated ProBiotic to create a CATALYST for AMAZING results in any soil type.

The Exotic Ingredients:

ProMoisture Hydrate Arizona Aloe Vera ProBiotic Micronized Beneficial Soil Microbes & Mycorrhizae Northern California Hemp Protein Powder Brown Rice carbohydrates Soy Flower Amino Acids Norwegian Kelp Flower Alaskan Seaweed Extract Whole Wheat Carbohydrates Wild Caught Deep Sea Fish Bone Meal Extra Virgin Black Strap Kentucky Molasses North Texas Yucca Extract Ancient Lignite Humic Acids Green-fed Earthworm Castings North Dakota Mined Colloidal Soft Rock Phosphate Utah Mined Potassium Sulfate & Wisconsin Whey Protein blended with 100% pure Love!

Item Number: 137812
Universal Product Code: 749688486545
Manufacturer: Dr. Earth

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