Vital Earth's Phc Bio Pack 5lb

Vital Earth's Phc Bio Pack 5lb

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Vital Earth's PHC BioPak is a unique, dry water soluble combination of natural humic substances, cold water kelp, and a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria. Vital Earth's PHC BioPak is applied to soil as a drench or spray. Vital Earth's PHC BioPak also contains humic acids, sea kelp extract, sugar and yeast extract that also contribute to improved microbial action in the soil. Vital Earth's PHC BioPak can be applied to soil by spray, drench, fertigation, or soil injection.

Application Rates:
Ideal for the first watering when transplanting with Vital Earth's Organic Potting Soil. Recommend 1-2 tsp. per gal. Apply only with plain water. Use throughout the grow cycle every 3rd watering in between fertilizing. Use throughout fruit & flower cycle every 4Th watering in between fertilizing. Use as the last watering of your garden before plain water is used for the last 2-3 weeks of fruiting and flowering. This is to insure all nutrients are dissolved in the vegetable, fruit, flower, and/or desired vine, shrub, tree, lawn, turf, and/or container media. May also be used in drip irrigation, raised beds, field crop production, and all farm and gardening application and existing programs. Vital Earth's PHC BIOPAK compliments IPM programs utilized by organic gardening techniques.

Item Specifications
Item Number: 137975
Universal Product Code: 705105045863
Manufacturer: Conscious Earthworks

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