Vital Earth's O.G. Bloom Mix 4.4lb

Vital Earth's O.G. Bloom Mix 4.4lb


Vital Earth's O.G. Bloom Mix

For simply amazing blooms, whether tulips or tomatoes, nothing beats VITAL EARTH'S O.G. Bloom Mix. If you're looking for the biggest, healthiest blooming in your garden, this fertilizer is a must have. A superior blend of bat & seabird guanos, specially formulated with no fillers for maximum results. An all-natural organic fertilizer that promotes intensive growth & flowering, as well as improve crop yields Soil deficient in organic matter may be made more productive by the use of Vital Earth's O.G. Bloom Mix.

  • Promotes improved taste and flavor in all fruits and vegetables.
  • May enhance aromas & flavors of your favorite spices & herbs.

Application Rates:

Garden And Landscapes: Up to 2.2 lbs per 100 sq. ft. Gently dig into soil surface once per month or as desired.

Transplanting and premixing soil for potted plants and planter boxes: 2 tsps. per gal. or growing medium. Apply once a month or as desired. gently dig into soil surface.

Top Dressing: 2 tsps. per 1 gal. of soil or growing medium. Apply once a month or as desired.

For Tea Mix: 2 tsps. per 1 gal. of water; use in conjunction with Vital Earth's bat guanos and compost.

Item Number: 137990
Universal Product Code: 705105037868
Manufacturer: Conscious Earthworks


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