Ecomposter & Soil Mixer 180 Liter

Ecomposter & Soil Mixer 180 Liter

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The unique spherical shape of the ECOmposter and its 360 degree rotation allows faster decomposition times. Two large openings (on either axis) allow for easy access for inserting and removing compost. The ECOmposter also has 32 air tubes designed to shorten the composting process.

The perfect shape for the perfect compost

  • Turns household waste into compost in as little as 6 weeks
  • Easy and fun to use
  • Revolutionary design
  • 28" Round without the base
  • Patent Pending #61140859

Why Ecomposter

  • Easy to Use
  • Patented design cuts the compost creation time significantly
  • Shape and design help eliminate bad odors and controls moisture levels inside the ECOmpostertm
  • Mobile easy to move and mix compost materials
  • Constructed from recycled materials

How it works:

The ECOmposter has a surface/volume ratio that is smaller than any other shape due to its sphere design. The smaller the ratio, the less the impact of heat loss on the total heat generated from the compost heap and the faster the decomposition will occur.

The shape and design are very pleasing to the eye, with no sharp lines for kids and pets safety, it will fit well into any garden or yard. The ECOmposter allows for a 360 degree rotation which adds the ability to mix materials up that helps in the decomposing process.
The dark green or black color helps promote the attraction of heat which is one of the 4 key elements of a successful composter.
The 2 large openings (on either axis) allow for easy access to either put in or take out materials. The 2 smaller openings are easily opened by using tool which helps ensure a solid lock each time.

Inside of the ECOmpostertm there are 32 air tubes designed to shorten the composting process. Here`s how it works.
The tubes help to break up and mix newly added materials with older materials.
The tubes hollow design allows for critical air flow to reach the center of the composting material.
The tubes hollow design allows for an unobstructed way to get moisture into the center of the material, a key component to the breakdown of biological materials.

The rotating system, which enables the material to be regularly turned over, is a faster and easier way of producing compost. Tumbling improves mixing, aeration and moisture. It keeps the compost moist by preventing direct heat and dehydrating air from slowing down the decomposition process

Item Specifications
Item Number: 138110
Universal Product Code: 701762333718
Manufacturer: Systems Trading Corporation
Model Number: 33371

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