Grow More Dolomite Lime 4lb

Grow More Dolomite Lime 4lb


Helps correct acidic soil environments. A great source of calcium and magnesium. Some people use the term "soil sweetener" to describe the pH correction.

Derived from naural mined limestone deposit, for use to correct th epH of acid soil. Dolomite Lime is a source of natural calcium and magnesium.
Most plant nutrienst have the highest availability between pH 6.0 and 7.0. Determine your soil pH to determine proper application rate to "sweeten" your soil.

*Not recommended for application to acid loving plants(roses, azaleas, camellias).

Item Number: 138121
Universal Product Code: 080986141201
Manufacturer: Grow More
Manufacturer's Part Number: HGC721845
Brand: Grow More

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