Dyna-Mite Leaf Sheen 200ml

Dyna-Mite Leaf Sheen 200ml

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Dyna-Mite is the non-toxic plant spray with the lowest mix rate on the market. Practically no residue and no hardening of plant tissues means no harsh taste on edibles and herbs.

Whether your plant health situation requires a minor cleansing or drastic measures, Dyna-Mite Leaf Sheen has the effect of dynamite with the gentleness of pure water.

Dyna-Mite Leaf Sheen's food grade non-toxic ingredients and low 300:1 active mix rate mean Dyna Mite Leaf Sheen will not burn and harden plant tissues like the other products with harsh solvent like plant extracts with up to 3:1 mix rates.

Simply stated, successful horticulture is achieved through optimization of the growing environment to maximize plant growth (water, nutrients, temperature, humidity, UV exposure) while simultaneously minimizing stress factors that reduce plant growth and yield (airborne pollutants, dust. disease and insects).

  • Nano-surface technology
  • Removes toxins and other contaminants
    from leaf and flower surfaces
  • Helps retain moisture and nutrients
  • Promotes enhanced plant health and vigor
  • Improves harvest quality and weight
  • Contains natural plant extracts
  • Non-toxic, food grade active components
  • Safe for Plants
  • Can be used until harvest

Item Specifications
Item Number: 138149
Universal Product Code: 793573112989
Manufacturer: Crop Protection Technologies
Brand: Dyna-Mite

Additional Documents
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