Rock Resinator Heavy Yields 20 Liters

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields 20 Liters

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Resinator is the only product we know of that can actively stimulate resin and oil production in all flowers. Resinator will also increase flowering sites, increase flower mass dramatically as well as flavour and quality of any yield.

What does Resinator do?

Resinator dramatically increases oil and resin production by feeding potassium and organic acids directly to the flowering sites. Resinator increases flower mass by also delivering readily absorbable and highly mobile phosphorous and amino acids which will increase the final weight of any yield by enabling the plant to produce dense heavy flowers for increased final weight. Resinator scientifically incorporates other phyto-stimulant compounds such as selected carbohydrates and phyto enzymes to specifically encourage additional flowering sites and oil production .The quality of your yield will reach new heights with our aromatic enhancing proprietary blend of essentials vitamins and minerals for unforgettable yields. The principal by which Resinator achieves these remarkable results is by basically exploiting the life objective of the plant - which is to reproduce. By making available the very finest components for flower development, Resinator enables flowers to reach their ultimate reproductive potential .

How do I best use Resinator?

Resinator is completely compatible with all systems and all other products with the exception of sterilizing products such as peroxides and chlorides. NO need for additional Potash or organic based products as Resinator has all that and more! Resinator should be used at 4ml per Gallon (1ml per Litre) throughout the entire bloom cycle. Resinator should also be used as the final flush at 20ml per gallon in water with no other products during the last week of flowering for extra potency and even greater aromas, but be warned using Resinator will ROCK your world.

What is Resinator made from?

Resinator is a blend of highest quality soluble potash; select vitamins and minerals; naturally occurring amino acids and trace minerals derived from other plants and selected specifically for flower enhancement. Resinator also contains exclusively derived compounds such as metalloenzymes derived from chelated humate complexes and sequestered carbohydrates as well as naturally brewed decomposed plant materials derived from a selection of soft wooded plants and flowers. These compounds are extracted and isolated and then brewed again to enrich a variety of substances which are impossible to manufacture synthetically. It is these unique compounds acquired by our proprietary process that make Resinator so effective and so very special. What we can't keep secret is how well Resinator works!

Item Specifications
Item Number: 138331
International Article Number: 9335423008595
Manufacturer: Rock Nutrients

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