Botanicare CocoRox 1.5 Cu ft

Botanicare CocoRox 1.5 Cu ft


Cocorox Soilless Grow Media

Cocorox is a blend of Botanicare's high pith Cocogro coir fiber and Hydrolite, a silica based rock buffered with Pure Blend Pro. Formulated for use in re-circulating hydroponic systems and run to waste container gardens, this ultra-convenient grow media provides an ideal air to water ratio throughout the root zone. Its high CEC rating accelerates plant growth, while strengthening cell walls, leading to robust root systems, and increased yields.

Formed from freshwater volcanic deposits, Hydrolite is composed of 70% silica and has a unique crystalline structure that provides unmatched drainage and uniform aeration. Hydrolite's high CEC rating allows it to retain positively charged ions (cations) such as Nitrogen, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Calcium and more. Blending Hydrolite with Botanicare's high pith coconut coir, creates an ideal air to water ratio throughout the root zone making Cocorox a superior soilless grow medium for hydroponic cultivation.

Cocorox is buffered with Pure Blend Pro which helps to reduce transplant shock and stimulate new root growth. It is also treated with the all natural wetting agent, Yucca Extract, to ensure even hydration and nutrient saturation. Adding Hydrolite to coco coir increases the coir's natural CEC rating and maximizes nutrient uptake leading Cocorox to support vigorous growth rates, robust root systems, and increased yields.

Coco Coir based grow mediums have quickly become the preferred alternative to traditional peat-based soils among professional growers:

  • Coco coir preserves nutrients in the root zone and reduces wasteful leaching.
  • Coco coir does not compress or degrade throughout the growth cycle, maximizing root development, structure, and size.
  • Coco coir's capillary and wicking properties provide consistent moisture and nutrient availability.
  • Coco coir is reusable, renewable, and compostable.
  • Blended with silicate-based Hydrolite for stronger, hardier plants.
  • Double washed coco-coir for low salt content.
  • Naturally aged and composted to remove tannins from coco-coir.
  • Optimum air to water root zone ratio.
  • Increases nutrient availability between feedings.
  • Decreases nutrient leaching due to high CEC rating.
  • Maximize yields by fertilizing at every watering without risk of salt buildup.
  • Nutrient buffered.
  • Ecologically responsible alternative to conventional potting soils.
  • 1. Fill pot or container with Cocorox.
  • 2. Fully hydrate Cocorox with a pH balanced nutrient solution.
  • 3. Transplant seedling, clone/cutting, or mature plant into Cocorox.
  • 4. Water container until a 10-20% runoff is achieved.
  • 5. Irrigate daily with nutrient solution*.

*Note: Frequency of watering may require adjustment depending on environmental conditions. Variables to consider are, but not limited to: temperature, light intensity, size of container, and maturity of plants. Individual circumstances may vary.

Tips for successful growing in Cocorox:
  • When using Cocorox thoroughly water each container until runoff occurs.
  • Begin using nutrients immediately to avoid any deficiencies.
  • Adjust nutrient solution pH to an optimal range of 5.8-6.2.
  • Fertilize with every watering.
  • Do not allow Cocorox to dry out to ensure consistent root zone moisture.
  • Supplement with Cal-Mag if using a non-coco specific nutrient.

Item Number: 138619
Universal Product Code: 757900810504
Manufacturer: Botanicare
Brand: Botanicare


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