Increase Grow 16oz Charged

Increase Grow 16oz Charged


Increase Grow and Increase Bloom

Increase Grow and Increase Bloom are revolutionary, complete, All-In-One Foliar Fertilizers that deliver professional grade CO2 directly to your plants leaf surfaces infused, CO2 charged and perfectly primed at 1800 PPM. Increase' highly concentrated liquid foliar technology, coupled with a direct charge of our isolated CO2 technology, allows your plants to uptake nutrients more rapidly. Our trade secret formulation causes plants to metabolize and create their own food at a significantly greater rate. With no synthetic additives, fillers or chelates, simply open a bottle of Increase Grow or Increase Bloom, apply and let mother nature do the rest.

Increase Grow & Increase Bloom Isolated CO2 Technology

Increase Grow and Increase Bloom are highly concentrated, complete, All In One, foliar technologies that are Infused, charged and perfectly primed at 1800 PPM. Our super charged carbon dioxide infused formulation allows your plants to absorb nutrients immediately while the infused and isolated CO2 molecules charged at 1800PPM get absorbed immediately through your plants stomata.

Professional indoor hydroponic gardeners as well as outdoor gardeners have known for years the power of an increased CO2 supply will enhance the overall growth and yield of their valuable gardens. Now you have a power packed all in one formula that delivers that a powerfully balanced formulation to take you from germination through a bountiful harvest.

Highly Concentrated

Increase Grow and Increase Bloom are perfectly balanced, highly concentrated formulations utilizing nothing but mother natures raw energy combined with the accelerated growing power of carbon dioxide to stimulate your plants growth. Our revolutionary technologies contain a perfect blend for each stage of your plants growth.

Increase Grow carries a 12-12-3 formulation for explosive vegetative growth stages while Increase Bloom carries a 3-10-1 formulation for higher yielding flower stages of growth. Couple these highly concentrated formulations with the accelerated growing power of CO2 for higher yielding, better tasting fruits and vegetables.

Easy To Use

Imagine being able to simply open a bottle, pour that bottle into your spray applicator and apply directly to your plants leaf surfaces. How much time would that save you each week or month?

We at Greenway Nutrients realize that it may take you a minute to wrap your mind around our breakthrough technology so we decided to tell you how simple your life will be when you use our product.

Key Benefits:
  • Increase Grow12-12-3 And Increase Bloom 3-10-1 Are Perfectly Balanced, Complete, All In One Formulations
  • Highly Concentrated & Applied Directly As A Foliar Spray
  • Delivers 1800 PPM Of Isolated & Charged CO2 Directly To Your Plants Leaf Surfaces
  • Plants Are Able To Accept & Uptake Highly Concentrated
    CO2 Charged Nutrients More Rapidly
  • No Need For Any Other Additives Or Additional Nutrients
  • Changes The Way Plants Metabolize & Create Their Own
  • Thicker Stalks
  • Explosive Root Growth
  • Healthy, Vigorous, Lush Growth & Flower Producti VVxX

Item Number: 138700
Universal Product Code: 851616003202
Manufacturer: Greenway Nutrients


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