PRO-MIX HP BioFungicide + Mycorrhizae 3.8 cu ft

PRO-MIX HP BioFungicide + Mycorrhizae 3.8 cu ft


PRO-MIX HP BIOFUNGICIDE+MYCORRHIZAE is a high porosity peat-based growing medium, ideal for water sensitive crops, rooting cutting and/or low-light growing conditions. PRO-MIX HP BIOFUNGICIDE+MYCORRHIZAE is suitable for a wide variety of horticultural plants, especially when high air capacity and extra drainage are required.


  • High perlite, peat-based growing medium.
  • High drainage capacity.
  • Designed for water sensitive crops.
  • Ideal for low-light and high humidity growing conditions.
  • Contains MYCORRHIZAEmycorrhizal inoculum (Glomus intraradices).
  • Contains BIOFUNGICIDE - (Bacillus pumilus strain GHA-180).

  • Faster drainage cycle versus general purpose, peat-based mixes
  • Well suited for low-light and high-humidity growing conditions
  • Reduces overwatering risk
  • Reduces incidence of water-related problems (root diseases, algae and fungus gnats)
  • Retains less water for improved leaching of fertilizer salts during crop cycle
  • MYCORRHIZAE improves overall growth of plants and increases yields of flowers/fruits
  • BIOFUNGICIDE reduces incidence of root diseases to improve overall growth of plants.

**Benefits may vary among plant species and cultivars.

  • Bedding Trays
  • Propagation
  • Pots and Hanging Baskets

Crop types
  • Annuals
  • Perennials
  • Herbaceous Plants
  • Foliage Plants
  • Vegetable and Fruit Transplants...

Item Number: 138728
Universal Product Code: 025849225001
Manufacturer: Premier Tech Horticulture
Manufacturer's Part Number: 2038500RG
Brand: Premier Horticulture


pdf file MSDS Sheet

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