Microbe Life Foliar Spray & Root Dip Quart

Microbe Life Foliar Spray & Root Dip Quart


Containing Ecto & Endo Mycorrhizal Fungi

Patent Pending Technology

What it is:

Specifically created for foliar applications, root dips and root drenches, this supplement to ML/Photosynthesis Plus and ML/Nourish-L, combines the high concentration of photosynthetic cultures with natural, rare earth humates and essential elements for improved plant biology.

What it does:

Enhances metabolism plus increases chlorophyll and nutrient availability. Works well with all nutrient/fertilizer programs and all soil and soilless media.

Item Number: 138866
Universal Product Code: 097121213495
Manufacturer: Ecological Laboratories
Manufacturer's Part Number: 717545
Brand: Microbe Life

Not for sale in the following location(s): CA, HI, MS, OK, OR, PR, SD.


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