EZ-Clone Classic 32 Cutting System

EZ-Clone Classic 32 Cutting System


A Classic Never Gets Old

The new EZ-CLONE Classic already lives up to it's name!

It has been made from fully recyclable HDPE which is highly chemically resistant and extremely durable.

Every detail of it's design has been thought out; from the leak resistant cord outlet that allows multiple cords, to the specially designed recessed drain that allows it to be highly protected and gives the ability to easily tip the unit for draining.

The new EZ-CLONE Classic is a dramatically improved and updated version of the EZ-CLONE Original, which has been a staple of Aeroponic Cloning in the Hydroponic Industry for over a decade. This beautiful system is manufactured from 100% recycled materials and has been engineered and perfectly thought out to bring you the same amazing results as the Original.

  • New overall and stylized design
  • Over 75 technical, structural and aesthetic upgrades
  • Customized manifolds specially designed for each sized system
  • Easier to assemble
  • New lower price
With over 75 improvements to aid your propagation needs, let's look at some of the more technical advancements. Believe me, there are many more improvements other than the totally redesigned and stylized reservoir and lid. For starters, the drain plug is now located on the side of the system instead of the front and is fully recessed allowing for easier drainage and cleaning in between cycles. Now your reservoir can be tilted and drained without worry of breaking or snapping your drain plug. Another major improvement is the cord outlet; It has been totally redesigned to ensure a leak proof interface between the lid and reservoir and allows for additional cords or pH meter cables. One not so obvious improvement is more cloning sites in the same real-estate. That's right, you can fit more cuttings in the same space maximizing your grow rooms productivity! One last major technical improvement incorporated in the new EZ-CLONE Classic line is the individually sized manifolds. Each system now comes with it's own unique manifold, with optimal mister positioning to provide your cuttings with the perfect ratio of air to nutrient solution, enabling your cuttings to produce the best and healthiest roots!


Q: How can I prevent the water in my EZ Clone from getting so hot?
A: Our first suggestion is to use Clear Rez in your EZ Clone. With this product, you can safely have water temperatures of 80-83 degrees Fahrenheit. If your water temperature is higher than 83 F, we suggest lifting the unit off of the ground with a pair of 2x4's. This will create some air circulation around the unit, a small fan can even be used if temperatures stay above 83 F.

Going Pro? Download the convenient cloning diagrams in the pdf links below to track your progress

Item Number: 139042
Manufacturer: EZ-Clone


pdf file Instruction Guide
pdf file 75+ Improvements
pdf file Track Your Progress
pdf file Assembly Diagram
pdf file Instructions
pdf file Manual

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