Pond Boss UV Replacement Bulb

Pond Boss UV Replacement Bulb


UV Replacement Bulb for Pond Boss Pump with UV Clarifier.

UV Technology has been used for years in high-end Koi and fish farms to ensure, not only water clarity, but also a healthy pond environment. However, these systems can be cumbersome to install and expensive. Our patented UV pump is cost effective and simple. Traditional UV filters use fluorescent bulbs that lose their effectiveness after one year. We have developed a cold cathode bulb which will maintain its optimum performance for two years. This technologically advanced UV light uses a cold cathode bulb and emits 254 nanometers - which is the optimum wavelength for sterilization. The Ultra Violet Sterilizer is built into the floating filter which reduces micro-organisms and bacteria resulting in clean, clear water. Just put your pump in place and you instantly have a UV sterilizer as the pump goes to work.

Item Number: 139184
Universal Product Code: 871980012570

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