Clone Guard Pint

Clone Guard Pint


Description: Clone Guard provides a physical barrier against pest access. Clone Guard works in the same way your home window screens separate you from invading insects and pests while allowing air to go in and out. Once applied to the clone's leaves and stem, Clone Guard dries to form a thin biodegradable proactive film. This high tech film helps to keep clones safe by locking out invading insects, mildew and mold while locking in precious water molecules inside leaf and stem cells. Water retention in the clone's leaves and stem is critical to the forming of roots.

Directions for Use: Shake bottle well before diluting to preferred strength. Mix with water. Prepare as a spray or dip. Take cuttings, dip cutting in rooting gels or compounds and apply Clone Guard. Store at room temperature. After mixing with water, Clone Guard is good for 5 days. Store concentrate at room temperature. Keep from freezing. May be applied in full Sun.

Clone Guard may used on leaf and stem at any stage of plant growth.

Mixing: Standard strength dilution ratio: 1 part Clone Guard to 7 parts water. Aggressive strength dilution ratio: 1 part Clone Guard to 4 parts water.
Non Plant Food Ingredient
Active Ingredients: Vinyl-Acrylic Polymers

Why should I use Clone Guard?
It has been estimated that powdery mildew, mold, leaf dwelling insects and leaf dehydration account for over 50% of clone death every year. Clone Guard locks in water molecules from escaping from the leaves preventing the clone from wilting. At the same time Clone Guard is locking out insects, powdery mildew and mold, denying them the access to the clone. For pro growers, Clone Guard is a must have product because it helps to ensure the cloning process will be a complete success. Strong and healthy clones ensures the grower that the genetic potential of the plant can be achieved.

Will Clone Guard hurt my plants?
No! Clone Guard is safe and effective in making a high tech barrier to deny leaf dwelling pests' access to cuttings, clones and small plants. There are no ill effects to plants associated with the use of Clone Guard.

I have powdery mildew on some of my cuttings now. Will Clone Guard help save them?
Yes! Clone Guard will keep the Powdery Mildew from spreading to the other cuttings. Clone Guard very well may be the only product that will save your cuttings. Powdery mildew is caused by many different species of fungi in the order Erysiphales. Millions of spores are sent into the air to spread the colony. Without Clone Guard the powdery mildew will spread to all of your plants, not just the clones.

My cuttings are infested with spider mites. Can Clone Guard help?
Yes! Clone Guard creates a barrier against all invading pests

Item Number: 139253
Universal Product Code: 711320500704
Manufacturer: Flying Skull Plant Products
Manufacturer's Part Number: 704521
Brand: Flying Skull


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