Monterey B.T. Pint

Monterey B.T. Pint

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OMRI Listed For Organic Gardening

  • Biological Insecticide
  • Controls Worms & Caterpillars on Fruits, Vegetables, Ornamentals & Shade Trees
  • Easy-To-Mix Liquid Concentrate
What is Monterey B.t.?
It is a naturally occurring material based on the bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies kurstaki. These naturally occurring products were discovered in the 1960's and have been used ever since for worm and caterpillar control. When the insects ingest the product it causes a disease in their gut where they stop feeding and eventually die. It is 98.35% active (at least 6 million viable spores per mg.)

What can I use Monterey B.t. on?
All fruits and vegetables, ornamentals, shade trees, flowers etc.

What insects are controlled?
Only Lepidoptera insects which are caterpillars and worm type insects. Others are not controlled.

How is Monterey B.t. applied?
Mix with water and apply at 5 - 7 day intervals while insects are active. The product must be eaten by the insects to be effective. It is best to treat when the insects are small. It can be used up to and on the day of harvest.

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Item Number: 139313
Universal Product Code: 022179103900
Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn and Garden Products

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