Aptus Breakout Powder 100 grams

Aptus Breakout Powder 100 grams



Created by Aptus Nutrients, Breakout Powder is a bloom additive. Breakout Powder pushes additional flowering in the late stages of bloom and can increase yields dramatically. The increased Phosphorus aids in the ability for a plant to process light through its leaves (Photosynthesis). Phosphorus is a key element for establishing flowers and root development as well as oil and sugar production. Potassium also plays a key role in oil and sugar production - it also develops starched and carbohydrates for cell division. Your plants deserve a break, give them Breakout Powder.

Instructions for use:

Use during last 3 weeks of bloom phase
Week 1 of use: 1/2 sachet per 25 gal of water
Week 2-3 of use: 1 sachet per 25 gal of water

Purpose: Bloom Enhancer

Item Number: 139325
Universal Product Code: 030955475011
Manufacturer: Aptus Plant Tech


pdf file MSDS Sheet
pdf file Instructions

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