Monterey Florel Brand Growth Regulator Quart

Monterey Florel Brand Growth Regulator Quart


Foliar spraying of Growth Regulator when trees are in bloom will stop formation of fruit on olives, crabapples, flowering pear, buckeye, maple, sycamore trees and more. When used as an overall foliar spray, this multi-purpose product will also hasten ripening of tomatoes, especially mature green tomatoes in the cool temperatures of fall. Timing is important. Application should be made at the mid to full bloom stage. Thorough wetting of blooms is desired but not to runoff. Spray applied too early or too late will result in incomplete fruit elimination. Growth Regulator is excellent for removing mistletoe infestations from ornamental trees!

How To Use Tips
Since all blooms don't open at once, more than one application may be necessary. On olive trees, 2 applications, about a week apart should do the trick. Be sure to wear eye protection and a dust mask when spraying. Try to avoid standing directly under the tree and spraying straight up. It's OK to bathe the tree, but take your own bath afterwards, not during application!

Product Specifications
Active ingredient:
Ethephon (2-chloroethyl phosphoric acid) 3.9%
Inert ingredients: 96.1%

Item Number: 139349
Universal Product Code: 022179101340
Manufacturer: Monterey Lawn and Garden Products


pdf file MSDS Sheet

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