Z7 Water Conditioner For Soil And Hydroponics 8 Oz

Z7 Water Conditioner For Soil And Hydroponics 8 Oz

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Z7 makes bad water great! Soil or hydro, bad water is the biggest problem facing growers today. Z7 eliminates root related problems fast! No more yellowing leaves, leaf curl, tip burn, slow growth, pH fluctuations, white mineral build up, brown slimy roots, and slimy water tanks! Z7 is the "great growth insurance policy" that growers and store owners alike have asked for! Everyone can afford Z7.

  1. Makes the worst pond, stream, well, irrigation and city water great!
  2. Barrier protection against root problems!
  3. No need for expensive RO water treatment equipment!
  4. No need for dangerous Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine, Chloramine, Colloidal Silver or Root Whitening products.
  5. Z7 is skin contact safe!
  6. Reduce maintenance costs!
  7. Reduce labor costs!
  8. Reduce State and local pollution fines!
  9. Reduce worker comp claims!
  10. Reduce law suits from workers!
  11. Reduce fertilizer costs!
  12. Reduce plant death from plugged sprayers and drip irrigation!
  13. Keep irrigation equipment and pumps clean and working properly!
  14. Eliminate leaf spot from minerals in the water!
  15. Reduce water usage!
  16. Reduce environmental pollution!

Water Conditioner and System Cleanser:

Z7 eliminates inanimate slime, inanimate slimy conditions, plant waste, organic waste, odors and mineral build up from hydroponic roots, piping, sprayers, tubes and tanks while the plants are growing. Z7 will reduce many hours of cleansing between harvests and in most cases eliminate taking the hydro and irrigation systems apart. This will reduce down time, reduce labor costs and help minimize the replacement of foggers, tubes, pipes, sprayers, drippers and pumps. The growing system must be kept free of inanimate slimy conditions and mineral build up otherwise it will not be able to obtain the highest degree of genetic growth possible from the plants. The simple reduction of plant death due to clogged drippers, tubes and sprayers will pay for using Z7, all the other benefits of Z7 is free and money in the pocket. Z7 is not a sanitizing, sterilizing or cleaner designed to kill bacteria. Do not use Chlorine, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) and Colloidal silver products as they upset the balance of nature.

pH Stabilizer:

Z7 helps to stabilize the pH swings of plant nutrient caused by the interaction between plant nutrients, plant waste, bacterial waste, soluble/insoluble minerals and problematic chemical additives added to local water supplies by government agencies.


Z7 is compatible with any hydroponic plant food (organic or chemical) or Mycorrhizae supplement. Z7 is compatible with vinyl, plastic, glass, rubber, PVC, ABS and their glues.

Non Toxic and Concentrated

Item Specifications
Item Number: 139385
Universal Product Code: 711320500452
Manufacturer: Flying Skull Plant Products
Manufacturer's Part Number: MI010

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