VermaPlex Black Casting 5 Lb

VermaPlex Black Casting 5 Lb

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Black Castings™ are Mother Nature's Purest form of slow release natural organic plant food produced by earthworms. Derived from a proprietary process and blend of pure organics, Black Castings™ are raised in a controlled vermiculture feeding process and microbial enhancements, resulting in a consistent, bio-diverse, living organic fertilizer and conditioner for safe use in everything that grows. No human, animal, or food wastes are used in the process. Black Castings™ poses no risks to the end user. No Odor!

A New Dimension of Sustainable Soil & Plant Growth:

  • Our earthworms produce Optimum, Organic Fertilizer for anything that grow.
  • Highest Organic Quality Compost Food Chain (No Animal or Food Waste or Yard Clippings)
  • Not Contaminated by Any Soil or Compost Blends
  • Free of E. Coli and Salmonella
  • 99.6% Pure Worm Castings, OMRI Listed
  • Contains No Worms or Worm Eggs!

Sustainable Benefits:

  • Stabilizes soil pH, builds excellent root zone
  • Promotes vigorous plant growth, flowering, brix & abundant yields
  • Non-Invasive, won't burn plants, increases soil health
  • Zero ground water contamination & no nitrogen run-off
  • Builds a natural competitive exclusion to pests and diseases
  • Increases drought resistance in plants and trees
  • Residual inorganic nitrogen and slow release nitrogen is more available, improving fertilizer efficiency
  • A little goes a long way (Great results from a small amount)
  • Slow release, less applications needed, cost effective

Item Specifications
Item Number: 139648
Universal Product Code: 853853002314
Manufacturer: Vermitechnology Unlimited
Brand: VermaPlex

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